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Inlaks Curatorial Lab for the School of Arts and Aesthetics at JNU

The School of Arts and Aesthetics offers advanced degrees (MA, M.Phil & PhD) in the area of Visual Studies and Art History. In the ten years that it has been functional, the school has established a reputation as a vibrant centre for the theoretical and critical study of the Arts.

In an effort to enhance and strengthen the training offered to the students, a course on curatorial studies and hands-on training on exhibition projects has been incorporated within the curriculum. Under this project, the Inlaks Foundation will support a Curatorial Lab at the School which will invite visiting faculty to teach a semester-long course on curating and lead an exhibition project. An exhibition curated by the SAA students will be mounted at the end of the term, and will be an outcome of the curatorial course.

Recipients of this award:

Visiting Curatorial professors : RAQS Media Collective - 2016

Visiting Curatorial professors : Maya Kovskaya – 2015

Students : Ajit Kumar, Harshita Bathwal, Huang Lele, Krishanu Nath, Lalthlanchhuaha, Parul Singh, Sudheesh A, Sarojini Lewis, Sunandita Mehrotra, Shrishti Raj, Vinay Patel

Visiting curatorial professor : Gayatri Sinha – 2014

Students : Azra Khotoon, Anushka Shukla, Harshita Bathwal, Julia Trouilloud, Parul Singh, Shatavisha Mustafi

Visiting curatorial professor : Susan Hapgood – 2013

Students : Aditi Kumar Gupta, Arnika Ahldag, Dilip Kumar Mallik, Jyothidas KV, John Xaviers, Komal Pande, Mansi Dhiman Mandhwani, Shaheen Ahmed, Shivani Kaul, Shobha Talengala


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