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The International Training Programme at the British Museum

About ITP
Every summer, the British Museum runs a training programme, called the International Training Programme, ITP, for museum and heritage professionals from around the world, with up to 26 participants spending six weeks in the UK.

Since 2016, the Foundation has supported a Museum Professional at the programme.

The ITP seeks to expose participants to various aspects of museum work, to develop skills, disseminate best practice, increase specialist knowledge and create a global network of colleagues thereby shaping the museums of the future.

The summer programme is designed to share information through a mixture of presentations, hands-on workshops, panel discussions and working groups and covers a full range of museum activities, from exhibitions and security to conservation and staff engagement. Opportunities are also available to reflect on, discuss and debate current cultural heritage issues, offering a mix of practical and theoretical learning.



  • Siddhant Shah



  • Vishi Upadhyay



  • Namrata Sarmah



  • Chithra Kallur



  • Vaidehi Savnal