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The Foundation offered production support to young Indian ceramists at the Indian Ceramics Triennale 2018.

About the Triennale

The Contemporary Clay Foundation in partnership with the Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur presented the first edition of the Indian Ceramics Triennale, Breaking Ground: International Investigations in Clay.

Civilization, increasingly mediated by digital technology, hurtles towards an intangible virtual future. As traditional certainties fade, the core of post-industrial civilization has eroded. This gap between the escalating pace of virtual technological change and the slower human pace of absorbing change is perhaps at the heart of a renewed contemporary focus on the medium of clay. Informed by the needs and opportunities of our time, contemporary artists are increasingly choosing clay as muse and medium, plumbing its limitless possibilities and pushing beyond traditional conceptual boundaries. Through clay, the most ancient, basic and tactile of art media, artists across the world are bringing an incredible creativity and liveliness to the arts.

Breaking Ground presents projects in ceramics by 45 artists, both international and Indian, exploring new aesthetics, techniques and processes.



  • Atita Tiware
  • Vishnu Kolleri
  • Triveni Prasad
  • Shitanshu Maurya
  • Neha Kudchadkar