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Writing Grants

The Foundation facilitated the practice of art writers, in collaboration with TAKE on Art by awarding emerging writers the Inlaks TAKE on Writing Travel Grants.


The recipients of the Inlaks Take on Writing Travel Grant 2016 were given the opportunity to attend two workshops, the TAKE on Writing: The New Writing Group and The Book – Ensemble.

TAKE on Writing: The New Writing Group in December 2016 took the form of a two-day workshop led by Chus Martinez and Ingo Niermann. The workshop was an attempt to generate new forms of reading and writing and in two days the workshop participants produced a book on listening, art and the processes of fiction, titled ‘Age of the Ear’.

The Book – Ensemble, curated by Anushka Rajendran and Bhavna Kakar, on December 18th and 19th , saw an international community of artists, writers and curators gathered in Delhi to exchange ideas and discuss the endurance and material legacy of the book, including the ways in which it continues to influence contemporary process of knowledge, community and history.


  • Malavika Rajnarayan
  • Premjish Achari
  • Karthik Shankar
  • Bharti Lalwani



TAKE on Writing: Critical Writing Ensemble I was conceived as part of TAKE’s ongoing series of intensive outreach initiatives with a special focus on art writing and criticism. TAKE on India (formerly TAKE on art) has been supporting emerging, mid-career and established art writers in the region by providing a platform for critical, research based thinking and writing on art from the region.

CWE I was designed to map a local history of art criticism, with reference to global framework and formally compile bodies of knowledge. It was a three-day long initiative that brought together prominent art writers and critics from around the world who are experts on the region, to chart local and global histories of art criticism, a project that is often overlooked in its importance to practitioners and researchers.


  • Kamayani Sharma
  • Nilofar Shamim Haja