In 2013 and 2014 the Foundation along with Chatterjee and Lal supported a two-month long residency titled ‘Passing Through at Cona’.

CONA is an artist-run initiative that aims at creating an avenue for students, artists, designers, and professionals from different fields to come together. It intends to function as an ongoing mind space, a point of contact that kindles ideas, facilitates discourse, stimulating both thought and action. In a word, here is an adda for ideas, perspectives, happenings and people to meet, where they can work, think, participate in activities and projects that encompass disciplines, genres, times and lives. The residency was designed keeping in mind the specific roles at the various stages in a residency structure. It looked at the position of the artist, the residency, the funding body and the gallery in contemporary times and attempted to arrive at a functioning that is fluid and interwoven. It helped the artist disengage from inhibitions and thus enable dialogue with peers as well as seniors.