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The Gati Dance Forum

Since 2013, the Foundation has been annually supporting young dancers and choreographers at residency programmes at the Gati Summer Dance Residency (GSDR) organised by the Gati Dance Forum in Delhi.

Gati Dance Forum is an independent arts organization that works in the field of contemporary dance in India. Founded in 2007, in response to the needs of the professional dance community, the Gati Forum has actively searched for avenues to develop greater opportunities and infrastructure for contemporary dance in India.

Among Gati’s many projects and initiatives is the GSDR was started in 2009 in order to address one of the most integral components of dance education, choreography. It aims at providing emerging choreographers with an opportunity to propose, conceptualize and realize their own choreographic works, and in doing so, gain skills, experience and practice in the art of choreography.

The participants are chosen from a large pool of application received through a nation-wide open call. Selected applicants are given financial support, individual mentoring, rehearsal space, production assistance and a platform to show case their performances for the duration of the 8-10 week residency.




  • Abha Talesara



  • Pandurang Saghbor



  • Parinay Mehra



  • Kamakshi Saxena



  • Manju Sharma



  • Rajan Rathore
  • Venuri Perera
  • Avantika Bahl
  • Mirra Arun
  • Riya Mandal
  • Rachnika Goyal



  • Rahul Goswami