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The Darling Foundry, in partnership with the Indian organisations What About Art? and Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, as well as with the Canadian organizations Tata Steel Minerals and the South Asian Visual Arts Centre, renews for the seventh successive year its India Residency program, offering the opportunity to Indian artists under the age of 35 to conduct a two month creation residency in Montreal. Strengthening the links established since 2012 between Canada and India, the India Residency at the Darling Foundry allows artists, local and international communities to share their respectives visions, and contribute to a dynamic cultural exchange. Immersed in Montreal’s vibrant artistic scene, the artist in residence has the opportunity to take a critical look at the local cultural context, while in return promoting artistic practices that are under-represented in North America.


About Darling Foundry

The Darling Foundry aims to be an alternative, professional complex devoted to visual artists and their supporters. With an outstanding architectural design, The Darling Foundry, located in an old industrial neighborhood of Montreal, offers various opportunities for research, creation, production, and exhibition. Its multifaceted spaces include room for private studios, residencies, workshops, art galleries, a restaurant and offices.

In 2012, the Darling Foundry established its first India Residency Program to benefit artists and the community in order to confront ideas from far away.




  • Birender Yadav







  • Amshu M S





  • Samir Parker